“We live in a grief illiterate society.”


About the Seminar

“We live in a grief illiterate society.”

Truer words were never spoken. Though human beings have been dying from time immemorial, many people (including Christians) do not know how to grieve well. Grief is more than unpleasant; it’s messy. Grief is more than foreign; it’s counter-intuitive. Grief is more than probable; it’s inevitable. Do you know what the Bible has to say about grief? Have you prepared yourself to grieve, and to do so well when your time comes?

LIFE IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH is a new seminar on grief and grieving to the glory of God. Over five sessions, Michael Whitworth discusses what the Bible has to say about the grief journey, the hope that Christians have in the Resurrection, how to appropriately weep with those that weep, how to deal with non-traditional losses, and how to prepare friends and loved ones for our own death.


The church always talks about our obligation to bear each other’s burdens, but it hardly ever equips us to do it. This seminar not only provides a valuable perspective into tragedy and grief but also a hands-on, practical guide to helping others struggle through their difficult times.
— Allen Tackett, Ooltewah Church of Christ

About the Sessions

  • Session 1: The Bible & Grief. Discusses the five stages of grief and how they are reflected in Scripture. Emphasis is placed on explaining the emotions of grief, how that everyone grieves differently, that God created us to feel this emotions for a reason, and there is no “normal.”

  • Session 2: Miserable Comforters. Many of us have been guilty of saying something inappropriate to a grieving friend when we were only trying to help. After briefly discussing Job’s three friends, we discuss what you can and can’t say to; can and can’t do to someone who is grieving.

  • Session 3: I’m Hurting, Too. Some losses are unconventional or not as easily recognized by society. What about miscarriage? The grief that comes from divorce? Job loss? A spiritually-wayward child? Suicide? It’s not often that someone brings a casserole to your door during these difficult times. We’ll discuss how to navigate them ourselves, as well as how to minister to loved ones in those situations.

  • Session 4: The Final Word. It’s important that we prepare our families for our own eventual death. Using stories from Scripture, we’ll examine how we can embrace death to the glory of God and help our loved ones start the path to healing and wholeness under the care of God.

About the Speaker


MICHAEL WHITWORTH conducts 60+ seminars annually at churches across the U.S. In this seminar, Michael uses the untimely deaths of both his father and son to present a biblical and experiential guide to grief recovery. He enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and resides with his family in Texas.


Available Dates

  • Sunday, September 8th

  • Sunday, September 15th

  • Sunday, October 27th

  • Sunday, November 17th


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